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Konstantin Negachev
CEO VR Technologies

VR Technologies Launches Global VR Platform For Integration Of Developers, Consumers And Business, Announces Tokes Sale

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Developing the VRT platform will be the team’s main priority for approximately six to eight months. At the same time, we will start building a network of VR parks based on full-body tracking technology, which will fuel initial demand for the platform. We plan to start the construction of the VR park network at the end of November 2017, once the test period is over
We will actively search for partners and administrators in promising markets. We are considering the following markets for expansion in 2018-2020: China, North America, Japan, Korea, as well as the UK, Germany, France and the United Arab Emirates. In the next four years, we plan to open more than 170 locations around the world
Starting in the second quarter of 2018, we plan to launch three to five VR parks each month. We will have finished implementing the blockchain platform by then, and there will be 15-20 VR parks by the time it is launched. These parks will be ready to purchase game content on this platform
To further involve the gaming community, we plan to gradually transfer newly created game worlds from VR parks to PCs and home game consoles. These games will have similar mechanics but will be adapted for home use with Playstation VR, Oculus Touch controllers and HTC VIVE
By the end of 2019, together with our partners, we will establish an e-sports league to promote e-sports with VR technologies. We plan to organize international e-sports competitions with large prize pools, wide media coverage and the involvement of professional gamers for further promotion of this genre. For this, we will need to create portable units to install on-site and rent sufficiently large venues to accommodate over 1,000 people at the first stage
In order to further integrate into the gaming community, we will create our own streaming platform, designed specifically for VR technologies, by the end of 2020. This technology will be implemented as an add-on to VRT and will give spectators the illusion of taking part in an e-sports competition
The main distinctive feature of this service is not only the ability to watch the game from the outside, but also the illusion of total presence, since spectators will be able to move among the players in observer mode. The players, on the other hand, will not notice the presence of the observers. Using a VR headset (including those operating on mobile platforms), spectators will be able to choose their vantage point or even watch the game from the players’ perspective. The platform will also support a system of votes and ratings for popular streamers
This service will serve as a basis for further development of our e-sports league and will also include a function for people to reward their favorite players with cryptocurrency
} // Our distinctive key elements


Blockchain ecosystem for developers, players and business

Enjoy unlimited VR features and get access to exclusive technologies, participate in ground-breaking gaming and entertainment projects, monetize own ideas, become owner of offline VR parks across the globe by means of VRT project.

VR platform offers unique opportunity to develop own VR products on basis of our SDK and API.

Turnkey solution will save Your time and money, You will get access to trendsetting technologies and equipment, You will be able to test own games in off-line parks in different countries. The marketplace offers opportunity to monetize different projects without leaving the system.

Developers, players and businesses will establish community and will constantly contribute to its development and growth. VR offers unlimited opportunities for application of VRT technology.

Project structure



  • Verification of
    intellectual property ownership

    The use of the blockchain allows storing information about authors and rights to content. Specially created software allows checking the authenticity of content through the blockchain. When purchasing content, a smart contract is automatically generated to confirm the rights (license verification) or distribution of royalties, which contributes to unprecedented copyright protection.

  • Profit automatic distribution

    Blockchain guarantees transparency and automation of profit distribution between all parties involved in the project. All proceeds gained from content sales and lease will be regulated and distributed through SMART contracts between owners of VR park (franchise), content developers and VRT managing company.

  • Community

    We will use Blockchain for voting which will help to control quality of content and to execute marketing research with regard to user preferences. Polls will help to identify the most important areas for the development of the technology. Aggregation and analysis of feedback from the auditory is our priority goal.

  • Developers
    motivation system

    Fund for motivation of developers will be established on basis of the platform. Accumulated cash assets will be granted to talented developers and forwarded for development of most prospective projects that will make the community interested.

  • Cybersport

    Blockchain opportunities will be used to reward winners of VR park cybersport tournaments. SMART contracts will control distribution of prize pool between players.

  • Franchise
    management practice

    We are the first team to use Blockchain for managing of VR franchise. Courtesy of registration of all activities (games releases) business owners can rely on legitimate profit distribution.

// Revolutionary Technology

Full body tracking


VRT opens the door to the new world of virtual reality for developers, players and businessmen

Greater immersion in comparison with any other existing VR project
Protocol which integrates users across the globe
Ultimate gaming experience in Virtual world
Interaction with virtual objects

Use of technology

  • VRToken
  • VRT
  • Community
    & developers
VR park

Off-line platform for monetizing of ecosystem based products

Performance cinema

Breathtaking options for motion picture production

VR education programs

Unlimited opportunities for self-development


Platform for monetization of products content


New advertising opportunities and corporate solutions


Professional tournaments and amateur sports in VR

watch outline
// Details about Token

Token Sale

VRT is the product token (utility)

Constantly growing community of developers, users, investors and crypto enthusiasts will stimulate interest, popularity and contribute to VRT price.

Engagement in VRT activities allows to get prompt feedback for every segment in the system which in turns contributes to product price and moreover important for acceleration of growth rates of its subdivisions. VRT is developed and consolidated through growing of project participants quantity.

Price //
{ 1 VRT = 1 USD }
Quantity //
{ 100 000 000 }
TOKEN is issued in conformance with the ERC20 standard.

All purchased tokens will be transferred to users’ wallets in Ethereum Blockchain with closed balance in SMART contract.


Tokens which are not purchased during TOKEN SALE will be terminated. Further emission of tokens is prohibited.

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Token and Budget distribution

VR park content development
Creating the first 4 contents in different genres
Project marketing
Publications in the media and promotion of the project on thematic resources
VR park franchise development
Investing in the development of the franchise, searching for regional partners, developing the project through a master franchise.
SDK and technology improvement
Creating a full SDK for UE4.
VR park set up and its promotion
Developing a component blockchain, creating clients for it; ppromoting on the profile communities of developers.
  • 18%

    VR park content development

  • 15%

    Project marketing

  • 12%

    VR park franchise development

  • 15%

    SDK and technology improvement

  • 30%

    VR park set up and its promotion.

Content creation for VR parks
Creating several settings with 2-3 scenarios for each of them.
Marketing, activities and promotion
Working with the media and buying traffic in various countries, promoting the brand and VR parks in all regions of presence, focusing on performance marketing.
Construction of VR parks
Building 15 own parks in different countries. The first parks are planned to be established in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Israel, Japan, China. Selling franchises at the same time.
SDK launching and technology improvement
Creating SDK for various engines including UE4, Unity, Cryengine. Moreover, creating an emulator that allows testing content and is integrated into the park sandbox
Developer Support Fund
Creating a program for supporting developers in three areas. We are establishing the scholarships together with several international institutes, conducting hackathons, and providing grants to developers to partially cover of the cost of creating content.
Creation and promotion of the site
Currently Blockchain component of the site is being developed, we also promote own VR applications Store. We participate in co-branding projects with large international companies. Aside of that we are developing advanced API which allows different projects to use our Blockchain for execution of own activities, for instance, cybergame tournaments.
  • 25%

    SDK and technology improvement

  • 30%

    VR park set up and its promotion

  • 18%

    VR park content development

  • 15%

    Project marketing

  • 12%

    VR park franchise development

Founders and team
Reserve Bancor
Project Support Fund
Token Sale
  • 15%

    Founders and team

  • 75%

    Token Sale

  • 2%


  • 3%

    Reserve Bancor

  • 5%

    Project Support Fund

Project Advisers

With over 10 years of experience in finance and related fields, Eric is the project’s advisor and Blockchain Ambassador. Eric has been an active investor in blockchain and financial/tech projects since 2012 and is an acting board member at a number of large companies. He is also acting director at Cryptopay, one of the largest bitcoin exchange and merchant systems in the UK and EU.
Eric Benz
Blockchain Ambassador
Marco is a senior researcher at ITIA-CNR and Head of the Department of EVA (Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Application), Manager of IT Infrastructure and Networks, Head of VR/AR Laboratory. In addition, he is president of EuroVR, the European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Dr. Marco Sacco
Adviser on the development strategy in the European Union.
Daria is one of the most recognized figures in the Russian crypto-community and is one of the five most recognized women in the blockchain industry. She acquired invaluable experience during her years as a partner at consulting firm Token Sale by Eberhald Lindford, and as CEO and cofounder of CryptoFriends, a company that specializes in organizing large blockchain-related events. This experience formed the basis for developing an absolute game-changer in the industry, the Token Sale Hypethon format. Daria is the inspiration and source for the development of this unique format. Daria is an organizer for an accelerator that specializes in financial/technical startups, and has worked as a marketing and PR team leader in the banking sector. She also works with various charities in her spare time.
Daria Arefieva
Blockchain Ambassador
Ph.D, whose education and experience includes a doctorate in Biomechanics and Neuroscience, a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in clinical research and six years' experience in mechanical engineering. He lead optitrack European office and help us to improve our tracking technology.
Dr. Francois Asseman
Head of sales, Optitrack
Dmitriy provides legal support for VRT as an expert consultant in legal matters.
Dmitriy formerly specialized in providing startups and cryptocurrency ventures with legal assistance and received recognition for his work as partner at the firm GMT Legal, where he is leading the "digital, blockchain, and startups" practice.
He is known by colleagues as a dedicated professional with extensive experience in international law and token sale support. He has written a number of articles on blockchain technology and cryptography, and has been working as a consultant and blockchain specialist at the GVA LaunchGurus startup accelerator.
Dmitriy Machekhin
legal advisor
Igor is the project’s advisor and financial consultant, and was responsible for developing the structure of the project. He is currently managing financial and tax issues, as well as fundraising and strategic business planning. One of his major projects was the acquisition and management of the MirTeleCom holding (worth approximately $320 million). Igor founded Level 2 Consulting in 2004 and still serves as the company’s CEO.
From 1998 to 2004, Igor worked with IT-holding SIBINTEK, and has served as CMO at WinWin Solution.
Igor Vasiliadis
financial consultant
Valentin Savchenko, CMO in WinWin solution, has 20 years of international marketing experience in helping to bring innovative technologies into the mainstream. Previous work experience includes Microsoft and consulting to start-ups, mid-market firms, and enterprises. Valentin also spent 3 years living and working in Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. He is the author of numerous whitepapers and the top-ranked speaker at multiple conferences.
Valentin currently works with some of the leading and most innovative companies in the blockchain/ decentralization space including OB1/OpenBazaar, Storj and DCorp.
Valentin Savchenko
CMO in WinWin
Peter Sin is an experienced financial professional with one of Singapore's leading financial advisory firm. In his core profession, he advises corporate and individual clients on risk management solutions and investment portfolio strategies. Peter serves as the Co-Head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee of ACCESS - Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association. He is also the Co-Founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club, Singapore's largest cryptocurrency trading educational community that was established to promote financial literacy in cryptoassets and practical technical analysis education for consumers.

Peter is a frequent speaker and panelist on forums and seminars on cryptocurrencies where he shares his personal views on portfolio diversification and leveraging cryptocurrencies from a financial asset perspective. You can find him on twitter @petersinguili
Peter Sin
Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
Caleb Yap is an experienced real estate consultant with one of the largest property agency in Singapore. Over the years, he plays an active role in advising local and overseas clients on the purchases of local and overseas properties to diversify their investment portfolio.

Caleb is one of the Co-Founder of Singapore Bitcoin Club, Singapore's largest cryptocurrency trading educational community that was established to promote financial literacy in cryptoassets and practical technical analysis education for consumers. Caleb personally invest and trade digital currencies. He also regularly conducts educational workshops and seminars on cryptocurrencies. His views on different investment strategies and different aspects of cryptocurrency are highly valued by the local community.
Caleb Yap
Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
Yehuda Levi is venture-backed technology entrepreneur for over 15 years. Co-founder and CTO of Mytopia, Particle Code, AppCoin. Yudi spearheads the technology creation team atBancor, including Solidity contracts and overall architecture, and is an avid cross-platform engineer and gamer.
Yehuda Levi
CTO, Bancor
Malcolm Tan is an established Singaporean lawyer-entrepreneur with extensive experience in the construction, telecommunications, engineering, retail, IT and financial industries. Trained as a lawyer, Malcolm is also skilled in litigation, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions. He previously held legal counsel positions in both global and regional capacities across the Asia-Pacific region, MENA, and North America. In addition to owning and running a diverse suite of companies, including the BlueSky Group which owns back-office solution provider ActiveBM, Malcolm’s keen interest in investment opportunities sees him play an active role in crowdfunding projects through his online platform FundedByMe.com.
Malcolm Tan
CEO, Gravitas Holdings


Konstantin has overseen four major international projects, in which he served as general and executive director. During his time managing ILN Softlab, he acquired valuable experience in creating digital products. Over seven years’ experience creating and managing company offices all over the world makes Konstantin an expert in the strategic and business aspects of the Project. His varied experience includes working with VR solutions, IT development, and franchising, inspiring confidence and creating incredible opportunities for the VRT Project. Konstantin is a media expert and consultant who works closely with various media and analyst firms and has his own expert blog on “Echo of Moscow” and other sites.
Konstantin Negachev
Dmitriy has launched and developed a number of complex IT projects from scratch. He has a great deal of industry experience, including projects for major investment and government funds. Dmitriy has served as CIO and Product Owner at two international companies, which are still operating successfully today. He is often invited to advise technology startups, including new blockchain-related projects, and his analysis has helped twelve startups enter an active working phase and avoid the problems usually associated with the early phase of a startup’s lifecycle. Currently, Dmitriy is a CTO at ILN Softlab, as well as a consultant at several digital agencies that deal with creating complex IT projects. He is responsible for technical implementation of the VRT.
Dmitriy Livshin
Denis is an extremely experienced player in the software market, who has held key positions and leading roles in the actively expanding VR field for more than four years. Over his eight years of accumulated IT experience, Denis has become known as a dependable, creative, effective, and talented manager. He is considered one of the leading VR experts in Western Europe, as well as the rest of the world.
Denis Mazur
Chitty has acquired a vast experience with the business development, sales and analytics. In our project, she provides industry-leading financial solutions that continue to differentiate VR in this growing and diverse sector.
VR’s financing programs meet the unique needs of franchise networks from start-up to multi-unit consolidations. We’re building our reputation in the franchising sector, and Chitty searches for opportunities to provide banking and financing solutions.
Chitty Lardy
Director of franchising
Neil is a professional project manager with 5+ years of experience in cryptoeconomy sphere. He has strong interpersonal skills and a background in Financial Analysis, managing our project in the most effective ways. He is responsible for executing strategies related to token sale, operations and administration, including overseeing token model design, team building, & raising capital.
Neil Bryant
Project manager
Neema is a leading international expert in multiplayer game development as well as in high-load, high-reliability systems. During his nine-plus years in software development he has created a rigid quality control system for his tasks. His main focus during development is software security and stability.
Neema Teymory
Smart contract and solidity consultant
Igor worked at a number of banking institutions from 2012 to 2016, including the Moscow municipal government’s small-business support network and Sberbank, as well as others. He has since transitioned from the banking sector into management. Igor develops and manages a specialized space that is adapted to the needs of startups and business management. The enterprises he manages include a unique chain of co-working spaces, a transport rental service, and a number of food service companies. As a VRT consultant, Igor effectively adapts and optimizes the Project’s resources.
Igor Berezovskiy
Business consultant
Sevil is a professional journalist, editor, and director. She has managed communications and PR at several startups and founded an interactive publishing agency, an innovative book platform, and complex technical projects in pharmaceutics, IT, and entertainment. She also worked with the Russian government fund for the development of interpersonal communications.
Sevil Baer
PR & communications
Alex is a native of Canada and is a leading developer for several international companies, including News Media Canada. Alex is an experienced blockchain developer and has participated in creating complex solutions for documentation and financial paperwork tracking based on blockchain technology. Alex is a highly sought-after specialist in this field and is responsible for developing and adapting blockchain solutions at VRT.
Alex Ovchinnikov
Blockchain developer
Political scientist of international relations by education, she has experience of commercial activity of more than 10 years. Exhibitions and conferences are her favorite habitat. She knows 3 languages, visited 20 countries. Innovative technologies are in the sphere of Elena's interests. She used to be an Account of Key International Clients and the organizer of huge international B2B trade fairs. Elena worked in British start-ups and was a Regional Managing Partner of the international investment platform.
Elena Lyashenko
Business Development
Financial investment services and portfolio management, making partnerships, development of investment services (PAMM Accounts) and cTrader CFDs on Forex. Futures and shares trading business software, online trading platforms, Automated trading language, Automated Trading Networking, CRM System and supporting, Groupware systems, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and social WebTrader.
Mohamed Shoieb
IR Manager
Anastasia is a community manager of VR Technologies. She speaks 4 languages: Russian, English, Italian, French. Anastasia has a huge experience in communications.She lived abroad for 5 years : USA, Italy, Spain, Japan, China.
Anastasia Akolzina
Сommunity manager
Ivan was involved in marketing promotion of a large industrial complex which produces industrial equipment, components and is engaged in the construction of complex technological solutions for plants and factories. Ivan also has extensive experience in logistics and supply issues, solves all logistical issues with VRT project partners. Ivan works with potential clients, communicates with our partners, leads the initial communications. Without his help, the project would not work so smoothly.
Ivan Zaytsev
Marketing manager
// FAQ
  • Why it is profitable to purchase tokens now?

    Tokens are available for purchase through fiat, BTC, ETH. Each token will be offered with respective bonuses on each token sale round:

    • 30% bonus at Pre-token sale.
    • 20% bonus during first 3 days of token sale
    • 15% bonus during period 4 to 11 days of token sale
    • 10% bonus until the end of token sale
  • How one can use tokens?

    VRT tokens can be used for further purchase of gifts or services of VR technologies or its affiliates:

    • Tokens can be used for purchase of the franchise of VR parks.
    • Tokens can be used for purchase of services connected with VR/AR related software development.
    • Tokens can be used for purchase of commercial (branding of sites) ads within game applications, marketplace or simply available for sales at VR parks.
    • Tokens can be used for purchase of services in any VR park opened through the franchise.
    • Tokens will be used for purchase of content.
  • How can I purchase VRT tokens?

    You need to register on our web site and follow the instructions available at your personal account. Please be advised that competitive price is offered only to participants of first token sale event rounds.

    Tokens can be purchased for the following cryptocurrency BTC, ETH. Also You can use services of our partners and purchase tokens by means of fiat money.

    In order to purchase tokens YOU need to have ERC20 compatible wallet.

    Detailed instructions will be available in Your personal account after registering.

  • Do You have any deals for serious investors?

    We will be glad to discuss special terms in case of investment amount not less than 10 BTC. Leave Your message on our website forum or contact us through Telegram channel.

  • Why VRT is "utility token"?

    The lawyers working group from GMT Legal company conducted the Howey test and did not find violations of US securities legislation. Lawyers classified the VRTOKEN token to the utility token.

    Token provides access only to the functionality of the project, all functions are accessible through a token, in addition, there is no possibility of obtaining passive income. As a consequence, the VRT Token is the utility.

    If you want to receive a more detailed legal opinion, please contact us via the form or the Telegram channel.

  • What is "whitelist" and what advantages does it offer?

    Whitelist is the list of participants who want to purchase VRT tokens prior to official sale round. WL participants will receive the notification 4 hours prior to sale round. Also participants confirming token purchase amount not later that 4 days prior to the first round will be offered competitive terms.

  • Who is in charge of escrow account in Your project?

    This function is taken at once by two unrelated companies. The first company consists representatives of Zerion, who participated in the creation of software for making payments on the blockchain.

    The second consists of representatives of the Bancor project. Part of the released tokens will be available for exchange after the token sale is conducted through the infrastructure of the Bancor project.

    Thanks to the double escrow and open reports on the activities of our company, you can be sure that the funds received during the token sale will be used in the whitepaper declared in the budget articles.

1 VRT token price: 1 USD
Raised for now: 721 082+